How my family fought against Covid-19

I would like to start by giving out the conclusion that my home is now free from the virus and everybody is healthy. But yes, it was a tough emotional battle because of the obvious reason that a vaccine for it hasn’t been found yet.

My father started feeling feverish on the 12th of June. Initially all of us took it as fever or flu only but when the fever was uncontrollable, we got slightly worried. He took 3 fever tablets in a day. The tablets showed their affect just for 1-2 hours from the time they were taken but the fever again came back to 101-103 degrees.

We decided to get him tested for Covid and booked a home sample collection slot for the 20th of June. However, the uncontrollable fever eventually made us worry and we decided not to delay the test and get tested from the hospital closest to our house, Asian Institute Of Medical Sciences. We cancelled our pre-booked test and got tested from the hospital on the 17th of June. (I am attaching a link of the hospital’s website at the end of the blog. Feel free to check it out. Also it’s not a paid promotion, just referring if anybody wants to know about it.)

His report came on the 18th of June in the afternoon and he had tested positive. To be honest, we panicked because we had to fight against what was unknown. Next we had two options, either to home quarantine him or to get him admitted in the hospital. Since he already has some chronic diseases, both my family and the doctors we consulted suggested us to get him admitted in the hospital.

We got him admitted on the 19th of June with the satisfaction that doctors will be more efficient than us for taking care of him. My mother, sister and I also self isolated ourselves in our rooms since we had been in close contact with him. We stayed in constant touch with Papa through video calls and messages and tried our best to keep him boosted and positive.

But I cannot deny that there were many moments of tension. Initially I too had fever (about 100 degrees) which made us worry even more. But whenever Papa shared any signs of recovery with us, the temperature came down to normal. My sister concluded that I was having stress fever, my mother was stress-sleeping and she herself was stress-eating.

The hospital controlled Papa’s fever very well from the very first day. But he showed some breathing problems and that was what kept us worried. There were incidents like one time he dozed off in the night with his earphones on listening to something on YouTube, his battery drained and his phone died. My mother woke me up the next morning saying she is rushing to the hospital because she is not able to contact Papa and we cannot know the exact problem. Another incident happened when he called me at 3:30 in the night and said he was facing some breathing problem and I told him to inform whoever doctor or attendant was near him. In some time he conveyed that his oxygen mask had slipped off while sleeping and that he needed to keep more care. Small incidents, but yes they made us panic.

All this while my mother, sister and me were constantly of the thought that we should get tested too. All of us had our own opinions and we concluded by first waiting for Papa’s second report. He was tested again on the 27th of June and his report came negative. He was discharged and we brought him home. Below I am attaching a photo of Papa when we went to get him discharged.

Then we decided to finally get tested even though we did not show any symptoms. All three of us got tested on the 1st of July. My sister and my report came on the 3rd and we both had tested negative. My mother’s report came on the 4th and she had tested positive. We were taken aback because we did not expect it.

We isolated her in one room, booked a video conferencing appointment for the next day again from Asian hospital. The doctor told us that the case is mild, gave her a prescription which majorly had vitamins and told her to take the medicines and follow home isolation for the next 5 days and then get tested according to her choice.

The next week was hectic for my sister and me because like any house, our mother is the backbone of our house and she keeps it running. We had to cook meals for the family, keep the house clean and look after our dog.

We again booked a home sample collection slot for the 10th of july for my mother and me since I had some cough. Our reports came on the 11th and both of us had tested negative and the home was finally covid free.

It took us roughly a month to fight and win from the virus and honestly it was not much of a physical battle as much as it was an emotional battle. Yes, the private hospital fees and tests drained a good amount of money but the important thing was that we all regained our health. This fight made me realise that nothing in life is more important than our health.

It goes without saying that my friends and relatives kept me boosted and full of positive thoughts. My society cooperated in the best manner by making the groceries and essentials reach our doorstep so that we did not have to step out. There are two lifts in the society and they kept one specially reserved for us just in case we needed to rush to the hospital. Also, goes without saying that I am truly grateful to Asian hospital for bringing both my parents back in the best of their health. I am thankful to Dr. Subrat Akhoury and Dr. Rajesh Budhiraja for their constant guidance.

Concludingly, the fight hasn’t ended yet. There is still a long way to go. We aren’t sure if the virus won’t affect us again, hence we are still practicing social distancing, stepping out of our house as less as possible, wearing our masks whenever we step out, frequently sanitizing the home, taking our vitamins and washing our hands.

Surely there would have been some bitter points in our fight against the virus, but lets focus on the positive and important side.

Let me know in the comments section how you all are fighting against the virus or how any of your known battled against it and feel free to ask anything related to it. Show some love since it’s my first post and it would keep me going.

Link to know more about the hospital :

40 thoughts on “How my family fought against Covid-19

  1. Hi Sonali
    Well fought and well writtem!!

    It is very important to write out these stories so that we can help others too.

    Wish well to your family!!

    My bhabhi in Ludhiana also tested positive about 12 days ago… yes they are still going through this battle.. my niece .. her daughter is just 4 and my parents are 75 plus so aprt from physical and emotional pain thaf bhabhi is going through, there is always thefear of passing on the dreaded cintagious disease to the most vulnerable.
    Her bext test is due on 24th and hopefully all will be well. Do google a poem: “window in the door ” and you can read about her.

    All the best again. Stay safe stay home and keep smiling!!

    My best wishes are always with you.

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  2. Hi Sonali
    I am Dr meru Sehgal classmate and a friend of your mother from university says.The blog is beautifully written it requires a lot of courage and inner strength to write candidly about the dreaded disease cause people out of fear tend to shun the ones who have contacted it.The role played by society members and doctors is commendable.It is only when everybody pitches in we can fight this pandemic.Congratulations beautifully written and expressed.

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      1. Hello Sonali.
        Your act of expressing , honest chronicle of events , the family have gone through is really eye opening and courageous.
        My heart , all goes out , for Dharmesh and Sonia , for the ordeal they have gone through. The pain of uncertainties of a disease , which none is aware about , looming large on all the near and dear one’s is very difficult to pen down.
        We know , Dharmesh is a real fighter and have a resolve of the steel. Sonia, the rock like backbone, of these testing times for the family , is true flagbearer warrior of Carona the menance.

        The narrative of victorious, anxious times of the family , percolates positive energy in the family and the society at large .
        Kudos to the Dharmesh, Sonia , Deppali and especially Sonali.

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  3. May god keep you all bless with rich health , happiness and prosperity.

    And strength to fight against all odds at this phase of life.

    I too had taken the responsiblity of all outside task because my parents are also 55 + age . At every moment I make sure that no one in my family voilate the norms of safety.

    If we all individaully follow norms of safety honestly , that can make a big difference.

    Hope for good.🌞

    Stay Home , Stay Safe & Stay Happy.

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  4. Hello Sonali,very well summarised the trauma faced by your family and more important is how you all family members kept cool,courage and will to come out of this Pandemic.It can happen to any one so best way is to maintain social distance and sanitation .Very well narrated the sad incident in your family for others to follow.Stay safe now and stay Healthy and happy.

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    1. Very well written and demonstrated courageous and great strength to fight against the disease . Undoubtedly,I could imagine the stressful moments the family had ,but at the same time it is highly appreciable to get out of the trouble without loosing patience and courage .
      Congratulations to every member of family and specially to writer of this blog who has given immense skill of learning to fight against scary virus .
      Arun 903/Shivalik

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  5. There is no substitute to real life story. I am grateful to you for writing the blog. Those who will read this, will gain extra confidence to stand up against all fears.

    Congratulations to you and your family for showing courage and strength in fighting against all odds.

    God bless!

    Take care and stay safe.

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  6. “To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” –Barbara Bush
    Very well written sonali beta–Be blessed

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  7. Hi Sonali…Me & Sonia were class mates at Chandigarh… good to hear that u all are fine now…your narration about the ordeals u went through & how u all managed the affairs is praiseworthy…all will be fine… feeling bit guilty that we couldn’t help u in anyway….it takes lots of courage to share Ur problems in public…I knew Sonia’s daughters are intelligent but now I can say proudly they r brave & courageous too…keep this spirit up always beta….our best wishes are always with u….love..

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  8. Finally the prayers got answered along with the will power shown by all family members in this ordeal . Sonia stood like a rock .Its a pleasure to have her as my sister.
    All good that ends well.
    It’s a big relief indeed .
    God bless the family.
    Stay safe Stay healthy.
    Follow gurumantra given by our honourable PM in fight against COVID.

    Keep up the passion .
    Write more blogs.
    Spread awareness and save lives.

    God bless you .

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  9. So well written, Sonali. The uncertainty regarding the situation is bound to create fear yet you have been so optimistic & strong through it all.
    I’m glad all is well now!!

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  10. Dear Sonali,
    Your indefinite presence of mind to take timely and joint decision to handle the abnormal situation has helped the family to come out of the uncertain situation.All God’s Grace.
    Yours despite being in adverse situation, and keeping the information away from us, considering our age factor, speaks volumes of a mature mind.
    The timely medical help and abundant co-operation of your society residents is equally admirable.
    Those suffering from this Pandemic would gain from your experience of dealing with it.
    Dear Daropdi”s blood runs deep in the family.

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