Can a Husky live in India?

Yes, YES! Well atleast mine has been able to do it perfectly since the last 1.5 years. Yes, this blog post is all about my darling pet Sasha, but I thought why not address the most frequently asked question first.

The thing is, if we wanted to keep a dog at home, it clearly means we are dog lovers. And if we are dog lovers, we obviously would not want the dog to suffer at any cost, keep away the survival issues. When papa decided to bring her home, the first question he asked the breeder was if she would be able to survive in this climate. And the breeder informed him that she is the third generation of her type to be living in India and the previous ones have been doing just fine.

How and why we brought Sasha home is a long story which I’ll let my readers know in a few words. Before Sasha, maybe when I was 9-10 years old, we had a Labrador named Zak. (Since me and my dad were super fond of dogs.) Muma never liked dogs but Zak changed everything, he became a part of the family. But at that time, she had to look after the home, take care of the two already small kids and then there was Zak to contribute even more in the trouble. We didn’t get him trained and eventually he grew out of control, so much that we had to give him away to a family friend.

But now that she was majorly free from her responsibilities and had pretty idle time, we had been thinking of getting a dog. And considering that she too was getting old, we wanted a small breed. (Oh my god what did we end up with!) But she always wanted to have a big one like a German Shepherd or St. Bernard, a rough and tough breed. Still sticking to the point, we decided to get a beagle. And when papa had gone to get one, he saw this current family member of ours, with her pretty blue eyes and in less than a minute he changed his mind and brought her home. Yes, that’s what precisely happened, we were expecting a beagle and he brought a husky home!

To be honest, I am not the right person to answer questions about her favourites, her likes-dislikes because I have been staying in Chandigarh for most of the time since she was here. Muma has looked after her, taken care of her and they bond crazy good, she is literally around muma always. Only now have I actually spent some quality time with her, all thanks to the pandemic! But yes, my family members had started making fun of me that I started visiting home frequently or did many video calls because I wanted to see or meet her and not them.

Sasha is a super moody dog when it comes to food, moody to the extent that it got muma worried and she finally joined a husky group on facebook to see habits of other huskies. She gets her crazy play-with-me moods at night when she is jumping from one bed to the other in super fast speed (makes us realise that it’s a wild breed and we googled this thing too, turns out this is what all huskies do.) She has this “please don’t cuddle with me but please don’t go away from me” nature where she doesn’t like to be patted (only when she herself is in the mood for it) but starts howling when any member of the family leaves the house and waits at the door until they come back.

And trust me she is muma and papa’s favourite child, she is forgiven for all her mischiefs in one go, be it destroying the furniture, scratching the doors or whatever. And one time when I was home and was completely fed up of the mess that she creates and started blabbering that she shouldn’t stay , I got a reply from papa (and I quote) “Tum yahan thode din ke liye aate ho, ye yahan rehti hai, isne kahin nahi jana ab.” (You both (me and my sister) come home for some days, but she is the one who actually stays with us so she won’t leave.) Another reply that I frequently hear from both of them is “Shararat hi karti hai na, hai to bacha hi ” (So what that she does mischiefs, she is still a kid.)

Oh my god, am I ranting? No, I too love her. She has that pretty face that can makes anyone’s heart melt. But jokes apart, one day I heard papa saying that it was Sasha that kept the both of them entertained and the environment lively during the lockdown phase or else it would have been tough to pass the all-day-sit-at-home phase with nothing to do and no kids around.

Yep, that’s all about my cutie. Do let me know in the comments section if you too are a dog lover and share some fun stories of your pet. Please keep reading and sharing my blog, it keeps me going.

4 thoughts on “Can a Husky live in India?

  1. I’ve never done a blog before but yours caught my attention. Sasha is adorable and it seems like her name fits as she sounds a lot like my Sasha! LoL
    My kids went to college and I am so grateful for my pets! I don’t know what I’d do without them (probably go crazy) so I am happy for your folks to have her. 🙂
    My huskies actually like the sun in Arizona. They will be sunbathing when it’s 115 degrees out. I let them out to go potty and after a few minutes, I go to let them in and they just lay there. I have to say to them “it’s too hot, come on in”. Who would have thought that of a husky? Is India hot? Is that why you were asking? My friend that works at my bank is from India. I don’t know which part but I can ask. Where are you from? I was a flight attendant for American Airlines for 20 years but never made it there. Would still like to visit someday. My friend goes home every November to see her family for like 3 weeks.

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    1. Hey Annie! So glad your Huskies keep you entertained. Yep, India also has a temperature of 115-120 degrees in summers and that’s why most people say it’s difficult for Huskies to live here. Mine too loves to sit all the time in the AC room and loves having her bowl of ice around. Loads of love, please keep reading my blogs. 🙂


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