What is “Good Vibes Only”?

Haven’t we all seen these three words in almost everybody’s description column on their social media accounts? (Haven’t we all seen in it my blog’s description column too? Lol.) So what does this “good vibes only” mean?

Well on the internet it means to live a life filled with positive thoughts so that one can achieve the ultimate aim of living a good life. This has been backed by scientific facts too. It says that “vibes” comes from the term “vibrations” and that we all transfer and receive vibrations from one another.

These vibrations can be positive or negative. The vibes you project are the vibes sent back to you. So if you want to receive positive vibes you need to emit them too. You attract or like the people of your same vibrations and say “our vibes match”, “he and I have the same frequency/wavelength”.

And who doesn’t want to live a good life free from conflicts? A life where one is accepted and liked is desired by everyone and I think these desires are completely normal. To achieve this life, one starts chasing the concept of “good vibes only” by focusing on the positive side.

But isn’t this an unhealthy concept to sink in? It focuses on the positive side and makes you imagine like the negative side never existed. Seeking a good life from the concept of “good vibes only” looks like running from the reality because unfortunately negativity is a part of life too and one can’t run away from it.

Also, I read this interesting line in one of the articles which says good vibes only is “Another way of telling us what to feel, regardless of how weโ€™re feeling. Another instruction to bury the negative, hide the sadness and ignore our emotions.” However, the negative side cannot be neglected because it is what actually builds you. One learns from their failures, hardships and struggles.

Can’t you relate to the instance when someone told you that you can’t do anything good in your life? That someone’s words hurt you and fueled you up, brought the fire in you to prove him wrong. You finally ended up doing something great. Would that have been possible had you followed the good vibes only concept and said that you choose to ignore something ill that somebody said to you?

Sometimes this concept of “good vibes only” takes the form of toxic positivity. Just to sound positive to someone, one says something that even they know isn’t actually practical. I think good vibes only has never meant to not address the feelings of sadness and just trying to stay cheerful all the time.

If you do so, it just ends up harming your mental health i.e trying hard to stay positive even when the situation doesn’t allow you to. I know it takes courage, but not to the extent that the person starts suffering from inside. Haven’t we heard the famous line from Zakir Khan, Abnormal situation mein abnormal reaction normal hai? (The normal reaction in an abnormal situation is an abnormal reaction, yes, re-read again and you’ll get it.)

Criticism, conflicts and in short the negative side is equally important because it helps you grow. So I define or atleast consider in my mind that Good Vibes Only is knowing that both the positive and negative sides are present, that we address both the sides. However, we choose to focus on the positives and learn from the negatives instead of allowing them to hold us back.

Do let me know in the comments section what is your take on GOOD VIBES ONLY ! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “What is “Good Vibes Only”?

  1. For me, good vibes only would mean shutting out the unnecessary negativity (and not criticism) which sometimes people do on purpose. I’d be open to criticism but not unsolicited advice or judgements. But then, to each his own.

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  2. Well written .
    Great thoughts.
    Getting an idea to write an article on Good Vibes is in itself an indicator of presence of Good positive vibes in you.
    Well done.
    Keep up the spirits .

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