Young minds at work #1

I have always been amazed by people around my age thinking of their own business ideas, planning them and working real hard to make them a success. One of those is Ambika Chhabra, a 21 year old, currently pursuing her MBA from Amity Global Business School, Chandigarh and alongside managing her business The Tuck Shop India (TTSI). Sharing her story through my blog so that it inspires people who are thinking of starting their own business (because you never know where motivation comes from!)

Clipping of TTSI featured in Hindustan Times

Ambika starts sharing her journey by telling that like everybody, she expected 2020 to be the year to accomplish her goals and started The Tuck Shop India in February. It’s an online business which sells trendy, quirky and fashionable stationery pan-India at reasonable prices and quality of which I can assure you since I myself am a frequent buyer. She tells that the word “Tuck” in TTSI means to make combos/hampers and hence the online business also makes customized combos.

When asked about how she came up with the idea, she tells that it was a completely random plan which she was inclined to do since she herself was a big fan of the unicorn and fancy stationery. She shares that she expected the products would be bought by young girls of around 5-6 years. However, the response she received slowly and steadily was neither from a particular age group nor from a particular gender.

Curiously I asked her how her family reacted when she told them about it. She told that her parents were the happiest and have been the biggest pillars of support all throughout her journey. And as can be expected from any sibling, her brother mocked her in the beginning but he too has been a support and has helped her in managing the finances. She also talked about her friends who accompanied her in the process and boosted her to keep going.

Did she face any difficulty in the starting? She replied it was a really tough journey where she learnt a lot. Funnily sharing her anecdotes, she said she expected shipping the products would just mean to send them by courier but she gradually learnt all the know-hows of it. She shared her naive experience of how unaware she was of the terms that she couldn’t figure out the “PP” (Purchase Price) commented by one of her customers on an Instagram posts.

I asked her if Covid-19 acted as a setback to her business but she happily told that since the business was online, it wasn’t affected majorly. Infact, spread of Coronavirus gave her a break from her daily college routine and she could actually focus on the business and grow it.

She told that her bestselling products till now have been the unicorn headphones, storage trunks (which I personally love too!), customized necklaces and sippers and many other combos.

Did she have to deal with hate/ rude customer behavior? She answered that most of her customers have been full of warmth and love and there hasn’t been much room for hate, they were mostly just concerned about their orders reaching them in time without much delay. Infact, she shared one happy experience, where she received a cake from one of her customers when TTSI gained 5,000 followers on Instagram. Isn’t that adorable? TTSI customers becoming TTSI family!

I concluded my extensive questioning asking if she has any set targets in her mind for the future to which she replied that she wishes to make a proper website in 2021. Ambika also showed keen interest in displaying her products at various exhibitions, which couldn’t be materialized as of now because of the pandemic.

When asked to share a tip to the budding business enthusiasts, she suggested that they should convert their passion into their business, keep their spirits high and face all the ups and downs but never give up and create on their own instead of copying somebody else’s hard work.


The Tuck Shop India currently accepts orders from it’s Instagram page and it’s Whatsapp. Same day delivery available in Tri-city (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali) area.

Have a look at TTSI’s products on it’s Instagram page :

Have your heart on any particular product? Use coupon “TTSIxSS10” and get a 10% off on all orders above Rs 499. Offer valid till 16th of September,2020. HURRY!!!

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