Watched the MARVEL series

Whenever it comes to watching something online, I have always preferred movies over shows or series. The reason is simple; the movie is of a way shorter duration and you manage to watch it till the end even if you don’t find it interesting. However, if you lose interest in the middle of a show, you end up nowhere. But the bored-in-the-house phase made me change my theory to finally watching a movie series.

So me and my friend initially thought of watching the Star Wars series. But when we googled, people suggested to watch Marvel instead because it was comparatively recent and had better graphics. Marvel movies in total till now are 23 in number. We started in May beginning and ended it recently. (Yes it took a lot of time but something or the other came midway and it kept us occupied.)

I believe most of you all might have already watched them. But just in case you haven’t, there are 2 ways of watching; either you can watch them according to the date of their release or in the chronological order of how the movies actually make sense because all of them have released now. Both the ways are up on the internet and you can see the list accordingly. We preferred the former one because we wanted to have the cinema experience which we had missed.

Tried my best to find a picture of all of them in one

We started with Iron Man which released in 2008. After the movie, both of us were awestruck, sitting and calculating that we would have been in our 5th or 6th standard when the movie released, but still how technologically advanced the movie was!

What’s so special about Marvel? There are the mid-credits, post-credits scenes and “xyz avenger will return” in the end which makes you wonder what would happen next and how would all this connect. There are the Stan Lee cameos, the completely out-of-the-box thinking of life on other planets, the nine realms and what not. They have this amazing star cast of all the wonderful actors like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Paul Rudd, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and so so many more.

Well, What did I personally love about Marvel? I loved the ones in which all the Avengers were together, using their own specific powers to fight the common enemy and save the world. I personally loved the collaboration Avengers : Infinity War more than Avengers : Endgame (Please don’t kill me) as the former one literally keeps you on your toes because you never excepted the Avengers getting defeated by anyone.

Apart from how advanced the technology was and how wonderful the graphics were, I loved how beautifully the characters were portrayed. The savageness and sassiness of Genius-Billionaire-Playboy-Philanthropist Tony Stark, the utmost dedication of once in the army Steve Rogers, the unconditional love and bond between Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie which could make him do anything, the teenage introvert at high school Peter Parker, the tree with just one dialogue in the entire series “I am Groot” which makes you adore him so much, the strong and hardcore values of Thor and T’Challa to protect their kingdoms of Asgard and Wakanda respectively and many many more instances made it an even amazing watch.

We had just completed watching Captain America : The Civil War and Black Panther was the next when the news of Chadwick Boseman’s death came. And I could see everybody writing “Wakanda Forever” on their social media but couldn’t relate that much. Only when I watched the movie myself I realized what a gem of an actor we had lost! Yes, Wakanda Forever!!!

I did my share of looking more about the movies while I was watching the series. (Doesn’t everybody do that?) Saw many YouTube videos of the star cast giving interviews, responding to mean comments on Twitter, read about how much the budget of the movies were and how much they earned out of it, saw their Instagram accounts and how active they were on social media, why they changed Hulk’s role in the middle of the series and did the most mandatory part, looked up for Marvel merchandise on the internet.

Also, me and my friend did this fun thing that once we were done with a movie, we would open it’s Wikipedia page and read the story to each other because we literally didn’t want to miss any slightest of thing in the movie. (If muma is reading this blog, Syllabus padha hai kabhi itni dhyaan se? is what’s in her mind right now.)

When I had put a story on my Instagram account that I have started watching the Marvel series, one of my friends replied that I would literally cry in the end and I laughed when he said that thinking how would a Sci-Fi movie connect that much. But Tony Stark managed to do that and I am still coping up with the loss. I am in the mid of watching Spiderman : Far From Home and all that I have in my mind is Marvel is not Marvel without Tony Stark.

I cannot select one avenger if somebody asks me who my favourite of them all is. Can you? Let me know in the comments section who your favourite avenger is and which movie from the series is your favourite.

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