10 Random Blog Topics Answered

If you are a content creator or have ever done a little bit of content writing, you’ll know how tough it is to find the right topic to talk about. So I was looking at Pinterest for some blog ideas, and trust me I saw so many but then I realized these are too small to write a blog about. I finally decided to club 10 blog topics in one, so let’s go!

i) Meet my best friend – I have always wanted to not specify someone’s name particularly in the blog. (God knows why, but I find it better this way.) Thus without mentioning her name, let me tell you about my best friend. We have been friends since grade 1. We went to the same school and lived in the same apartment. She is not only my topic today, but also has been my topic when I had to write a paragraph on my best friend for English class in grade 3 (Oh my god, touch-wood!) Teachers in the school called our names together and always tried to ensure we weren’t bench partners because we chitchatted all the time.

I guess it’s been 16-17 years of friendship and it’s not like school days right now, we are in touch but have been busy in our own lives. She has always been my go-to person always whenever I have needed a friend. And that’s what friends are for. Aren’t they?

ii) Ten years from now – Ten years from now I’ll be 33, hopefully living my dream life. What’s my dream life? If asked to choose between a fancy and normal life, I don’t know why but I’ll choose the normal one. A dream life where there is no shortage of necessities and space for luxuries. I hope in 10 years I would be having an awesome job helping me make awesome money, be happily married and I guess have a house which we’ll make our home. (Oh my god Sonali, how cheesy are you!)

iii) My favourite holiday – Till now it has been a family vacation to Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2016. (Have written a blog on it too. Link : https://sonalishares.com/2020/08/02/travel-101-my-trip-to-udaipur/) It’s been my favourite because it was a good city to explore and also, as mentioned in my Udaipur blog too, it was that family vacation in which my parents were young enough to accompany us everywhere without getting much tired and I was old enough to understand and remember the beauty of all places we visited.

iv) My biggest pet peeve – Firstly pet peeve means something that a particular person finds especially annoying. (Oh you knew already? I didn’t so I thought I’ll let you know too!) My biggest pet peeve is the sound that anyone makes when they drink anything, the sound of that liquid going down their throat. I know it’s not something which someone does intentionally, everybody does that, but I can’t bear it, just can’t. Somebody please tell me I am not alone and you share this pet peeve with me, it’ll make me feel slightly normal.

v) My biggest fears – I don’t know if you have it too or not, but I fear death, not only mine but also of my loved ones too. I know death is inevitable, it happens to everybody. Spending one entire lifetime with yourself, your body, your soul, feeding it, taking care of it, making connections, living around loved ones, and then one day, it’s all gone, nothing matters anymore. And what is even more scary is neither do you know what happens next nor do you get to know what happened to those people you cared about all the time, or do you?

vi) Social media phenomenon – I have seen social media changing from a good to a bad platform. It started as being a source of connectivity to people across the globe, a means of spreading information and putting light on things which were unnoticed and there was a time when we used to log in to social media for some hours of the day to see what the world is up to.

Unfortunately, we all live here now, it’s like we leave social media and go to sleep for sometime and then come back to it again, what we see on the internet is very rarely true and we have started living in a fake world. Not accusing anybody, I am a part of it too, can’t help it. But the most I do to provide relief to my brain is to constantly remind myself that social media is just a source of entertainment for me and then I am happy.

vii) My favourite book – To not lie, I do not read a lot. But out of the books I have read till date, the thriller Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon has been the best read. It’s a thick book with small font and an amateur like me thought I wouldn’t be able to read it. But it’s one of those books you just can’t keep down. It has an amazing ending and I highly highly suggest it if you are looking for something to read. (which you should, reading books is an excellent habit, I regret not doing it when I was a kid)

viii) Time management – I am not the right person for this topic. I myself do all my work just on the deadlines or when someone is constantly standing on my head. I know how to do it, but I need the constant push or I won’t do it. It’s sad, I know, somebody out there to help me? Please let me know.

ix) If I could eat one last meal – I would be having a tough time selecting between the Indian cuisines Rajma- Chawal and Dal Makhni-Butter Naan. I can eat them all the time and just cannot give up on them. (I am happy to be fat all my life instead of being slim without them.) Also now I am thinking, how could this have been a topic to write one complete blog about?

x) What I do to recharge – Just like any other human being, I listen to my favourite songs, or watch particular scenes or episodes of my favourite movies or series, have a good meaningful conversation with a friend, eat good food, go for a walk or just sleep. But the literal best thing that helps me recharge is when I clean my room, just properly spend an hour or so and then I am all energized. Room sorted, life sorted.

Yep, that’s all. Just 10 honestly and candidly answered blog topics and ideas in 1 blog. Would love to do it again if it gets some positive feedback. Let me know in comments section your views and other blog topics that I can write about.

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