Made an easy and tasty dry cake at home

The lockdown in India due to Covid-19 brought drastic changes to the normal lives; the work from home concept, online classes for students, people stepping out just for essentials and so much more.

Nature started healing; chirping of birds could be heard, mountain ranges from a distance could be seen, rivers on which huge amounts of money was spent to clean them started doing it by themselves and what not.

But I really think that not only did the nature detoxify, we humans did that too; forcefully or mandatorily we had to spend time with our families and since we had so much time available to ourselves, the pandemic gave us time to think what else can be done instead of the monotonous routine we have been following for years. I saw my super duper talented friends picking up their long lost passions of singing or cooking or working out or what not!

Even I tried my hands at cooking and before the lockdown, I was one of those who could make just the simplest dishes like 2-minute noodles and chai. But because of so much free time available and since I could not step out to have my favourite delicacies, (and even if now we are in the unlock stage, we prefer to avoid going out or getting our food delivered because of hygiene issues and our own safety) I saw youtube videos and tried making them at home. (dalgona coffee and whatever was trending, duh)

Before talking about anything else, I really want to appreciate all the selfless women (and men too, if there are any) who make the food for the family because like any other job, this one’s tiring too and requires effort. We neglect it like it’s nothing and point out flaws when somebody cooks but understand the effort when we ourselves come on the other side. I learnt that cooking like any other job requires practise and that practise makes the food tasty. After making something for multiple times, you start remembering the ingredients and how and when to add them. (Uff, too much gyaan)

I literally loved the Youtube channel Kabita’s Kitchen because when I followed her recipes word by word, they turned out to be delicious. So whenever I thought of cooking something, I always tried to find if she had uploaded a youtube recipe of it. (Diljit Dosanjh’s instagram cooking stories too gave me motivation, because what confidence he has in putting ingredients of his choice and what wonderful description he gives along while cooking, kidding!)

So, It was my sister’s birthday on the 8th of August and this time we decided to make a cake instead of ordering one. I again referred to Kabita’s channel for a recipe to make a cake easily at home. Only 2-3 ingredients had to be brought from market and I did a very few things here and there from her recipe according to my choice but the cake was really easy to make and tasted yum.

Putting a link of her video so that you can see the recipe too. She made the cake of wheat flour (atta) instead of all purpose flour (maida) which is a plus point because wheat flour is way more healthy. Also, she made the dry cake in a pressure cooker instead of an oven (so people who don’t have oven at home but still want to make a cake, here is your solution.) I too first thought of making the cake in the pressure cooker but mine wasn’t big enough to fit the mold in it, so I finally ended up making it in a big saucepan (Pateela) with the other setting just the same way.

Also, Kabita gave an easy way to make butter paper at home. Just take a plain white sheet and grease it’s both sides with ghee or oil and you are good to go. (I tried it myself and it was just perfect.) I did not have the proper blender to mix the ingredients and make the batter but did it by a normal whisker and it turned out just fine. Lastly I did not add any dry fruits on the cake since I wanted the cake to be simple.

All set to be heated

The cake tasted so nice that we ended up making another one the next day but of vanilla flavour. (and it tasted yum too!) Let me know in the comments section the dishes you have been making during lockdown and which youtube channels you love and follow.

Kabita’s kitchen youtube channel :

Link to Kabita’s website :