Watched the MARVEL series

Whenever it comes to watching something online, I have always preferred movies over shows or series. The reason is simple; the movie is of a way shorter duration and you manage to watch it till the end even if you don’t find it interesting. However, if you lose interest in the middle of a show, you end up nowhere. But the bored-in-the-house phase made me change my theory to finally watching a movie series.

So me and my friend initially thought of watching the Star Wars series. But when we googled, people suggested to watch Marvel instead because it was comparatively recent and had better graphics. Marvel movies in total till now are 23 in number. We started in May beginning and ended it recently. (Yes it took a lot of time but something or the other came midway and it kept us occupied.)

I believe most of you all might have already watched them. But just in case you haven’t, there are 2 ways of watching; either you can watch them according to the date of their release or in the chronological order of how the movies actually make sense because all of them have released now. Both the ways are up on the internet and you can see the list accordingly. We preferred the former one because we wanted to have the cinema experience which we had missed.

Tried my best to find a picture of all of them in one

We started with Iron Man which released in 2008. After the movie, both of us were awestruck, sitting and calculating that we would have been in our 5th or 6th standard when the movie released, but still how technologically advanced the movie was!

What’s so special about Marvel? There are the mid-credits, post-credits scenes and “xyz avenger will return” in the end which makes you wonder what would happen next and how would all this connect. There are the Stan Lee cameos, the completely out-of-the-box thinking of life on other planets, the nine realms and what not. They have this amazing star cast of all the wonderful actors like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Paul Rudd, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and so so many more.

Well, What did I personally love about Marvel? I loved the ones in which all the Avengers were together, using their own specific powers to fight the common enemy and save the world. I personally loved the collaboration Avengers : Infinity War more than Avengers : Endgame (Please don’t kill me) as the former one literally keeps you on your toes because you never excepted the Avengers getting defeated by anyone.

Apart from how advanced the technology was and how wonderful the graphics were, I loved how beautifully the characters were portrayed. The savageness and sassiness of Genius-Billionaire-Playboy-Philanthropist Tony Stark, the utmost dedication of once in the army Steve Rogers, the unconditional love and bond between Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie which could make him do anything, the teenage introvert at high school Peter Parker, the tree with just one dialogue in the entire series “I am Groot” which makes you adore him so much, the strong and hardcore values of Thor and T’Challa to protect their kingdoms of Asgard and Wakanda respectively and many many more instances made it an even amazing watch.

We had just completed watching Captain America : The Civil War and Black Panther was the next when the news of Chadwick Boseman’s death came. And I could see everybody writing “Wakanda Forever” on their social media but couldn’t relate that much. Only when I watched the movie myself I realized what a gem of an actor we had lost! Yes, Wakanda Forever!!!

I did my share of looking more about the movies while I was watching the series. (Doesn’t everybody do that?) Saw many YouTube videos of the star cast giving interviews, responding to mean comments on Twitter, read about how much the budget of the movies were and how much they earned out of it, saw their Instagram accounts and how active they were on social media, why they changed Hulk’s role in the middle of the series and did the most mandatory part, looked up for Marvel merchandise on the internet.

Also, me and my friend did this fun thing that once we were done with a movie, we would open it’s Wikipedia page and read the story to each other because we literally didn’t want to miss any slightest of thing in the movie. (If muma is reading this blog, Syllabus padha hai kabhi itni dhyaan se? is what’s in her mind right now.)

When I had put a story on my Instagram account that I have started watching the Marvel series, one of my friends replied that I would literally cry in the end and I laughed when he said that thinking how would a Sci-Fi movie connect that much. But Tony Stark managed to do that and I am still coping up with the loss. I am in the mid of watching Spiderman : Far From Home and all that I have in my mind is Marvel is not Marvel without Tony Stark.

I cannot select one avenger if somebody asks me who my favourite of them all is. Can you? Let me know in the comments section who your favourite avenger is and which movie from the series is your favourite.

What next after happy Bollywood endings?

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I am a complete movie junkie, can literally watch all genres till the time the movie is entertaining; be it based on a true story or something which is a complete imagination. If we are taking a break from our boring-hectic-monotonous or whatever our lives are, the least the movie should offer is that it should be entertaining.

So here I am, listing 4 Bollywood movies which I am pretty sure most of you all must have watched, re-watched time and again, giving it a thought that what would have happened after the movie ends on a happy note. (Unless it’s a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie.)

Jab We Met – Who doesn’t remember the full of energy Geet and the cute but shy Aditya from the movie? You fall in love with the Imitiaz Ali movie when Geet brings back all the colours in Aditya’s life by making him realise to live life to the fullest, follow what the heart says and Aditya does the same to her when life hits her on a low. The two eventually fall in love in the process, get married in the ending and are seen to receive blessings from Geet’s grandfather along with their two daughters.

But what next? Maybe the couple lives a well-flourished life, Geet continuing her teaching job somewhere in Bombay and Aditya growing his industry manifolds, both of them supporting each other in their professions.

But when they are back to Bhatinda for celebrating their 10th or 15th anniversary at her parent’s place and after the celebrations end, when all of them sit together after the heavy dinner (you know how big fat Punjabi families are), maybe the question of Anshuman pops again by one of the family members asking his whereabouts. And that is when Geet and Aditya share the actual story with her family and they end up having a good laugh and concluding that things happen for a reason and Anshuman was just a source so that Aditya and Geet could end up together…maybe!

Band Baaja Baaraat – I love this movie so much that most of the times I play my favourite scenes along while having food; the scenes where Bitto and Shruti build Shaadi Mubarak from the scratch, where Shaadi Mubarak falls off because of mix-up of “pyaar and vyapar” and where how they finally patch up to recover their losses. Bitto and Shruti finally end up together by confessing their love for each other, deciding to not leave their partnership this time and get married.

But again what next? Maybe after their wedding they get back to establish Shaadi Mubarak and make it a much more bigger name in Delhi. But that is when Chirkut Chetan calls them, tells them that he wants to get married to a girl just like Shruti and this is when she hooks him up with her younger sister.

They go to Dubai to get the couple married, do all the preparations for their wedding and eventually decide to establish Shaadi Mubarak there and call their parents to settle with them….who knows! (Chanda Narang can finally prosper, now that the honest and efficient duo has left the country!)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – A story about 3 friends Arjun, Imran and Kabir who go to Spain for Kabir’s bachelor trip and strike off three adventurous activities from their list, each contributing one. (Sorry I am getting off topic, but where do we find such friends?) The fun the 3 friends have, the silly pranks they do, the beautiful places they go to and a little bit of lessons the movie gives here and there makes it a good watch.

We know the movie ends with the charming song Sooraj ki baahon mein, where Arjun marries Laila ; Kabir and Natasha call off their almost planned wedding and Imran chills with Laila’s friend Nuria. But what next? Maybe Arjun and Laila finally get back to London, Arjun decides to pre-pone his “40 ke baad ka plan”, takes retirement from his super exhausting job and decides to see the world with Laila from his hard earned money and both of them become travel bloggers to keep an active source of living.

Imran finally gets the poems in his diary published and becomes a successful artist, gets married and settles down with his wife and mother, always gives due credit to both of them for all his successes. And maybe after spending some time without Natasha, Kabir realizes that it is Natasha only with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life. They both come together, sort out their differences of giving each other the required space and finally get married… I mean who knows!

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – We all remember this Ayan Mukherji directed fun watch of 4 friends Bunny, Naina, Avi and Aditi and remember the ending too; how the story ends up on a conference call between the 4 friends wishing each other New year’s – Aditi at the airport to leave for her honeymoon, Avi at his bar which is almost about to close permanently and Bunny and Naina together, finally realizing that they love each other and want to stay together.

But what happens next? As said to Naina, Bunny gives up his dream of “udna-bhaagna-girna” and decides to stay with Naina. Also, as Bunny and Avi had planned way before life happened to stay together and do something, they finally start a tourism business together, thus Bunny keeping all his promises and living his dream a little bit. Aditi remains happy in her world but all of them meet frequently for many more trips like Manali and maybe Avi finds a life partner too on one of such trips…Maybe!

Okay, now that I am done, you all are free to judge me to remember all the characters names and scenes so well, I won’t mind. (proud movie junkie, you know!) Do answer my poll on which self-extended story you liked the most so that I can get into talks with the production houses to make it happen. Feel free to share any other thoughts or creativity of your own in the comments.

A show that changed my perspective towards life

These days there are so many platforms on internet that offer so much content to watch online that one can easily get confused and spend most of their energy searching for the right content to put their time on. So here I am, giving my suggestion on a show that you can watch and which will definitely leave an impact on your life.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai, is a pakistani drama which you can watch online on Netflix. There are 26 episodes in total, each of about 40 mins. (I think the show is also up on YouTube but I am not very sure if all the episodes are present or not.) I watched the show for the first time when I was in 11th or 12th standard, on TV when it was aired on Zindagi channel. However I watched it again recently on Netflix when I suggested my friend to watch it and to convince him to watch it, I had to watch along.

The question which pops to the mind is, out of so much content available, “drama”, “serial”, seriously? Well, I like the show for so many reasons and would love to share my take on it with my readers.

The biggest thing which sets apart this show from most of the shows aired on the Indian television is that it has a finite number of episodes. The show starts with a point, conveys what it wants to and ends meaningfully. Not even a single second while watching the show you feel that it has been extended senselessly. Yes, I would like to admit that you may find the show a little slow but that isn’t much of a problem when you are fully engrossed in it.

The drama revolves around the two main characters, Kashaf Murtaza (played by Sanam Saeed) and Zaroon Junaid (played by Fawad Khan) shown below.

The two main leads, Kashaf and Zaroon are shown poles apart, Kashaf belonging to a lower middle class family while Zaroon belonging to a rich one. The serial continues by showing the lives of both in parallel. Both of them are seen journaling; Kashaf in her diary always complaining god for making her life full of struggles while Zaroon on his laptop with the thoughts that go on in his mind.

On one side is Kashaf, whose mother has been left on her own with her three daughters as her husband decides to get remarried because she could not give him a son. Kashaf’s mother is a school principal having strong morals of working with honesty and diligence. The four ladies in the house work hard, support each other to make both the ends meet.

On the other hand is Zaroon’s life full of comfort and luxuries. However there is only one thing that Zaroon misses in his life; his mother’s due attention in bringing her children up hence failing to maintain a proper balance between her work and family.

The two meet in University and do not get along well. Kashaf’s father is shown to be always criticizing her wife for wasting time and money on her daughters education instead of being inclined on getting them married.

Fate takes a turn when after facing so many hardships in life, Kashaf becomes an administrative officer. A change of attitude is seen in Kashaf’s father when he witnesses his daughters turning out to be capable enough to stand on their feet and he himself covering his son’s failures.

Kashaf and Zaroon’s paths eventually cross again. Zaroon is inclined to get married to a woman who does not misuse her freedom in the name of equality, who manages both her family and work and doesn’t end up giving less importance to any of the two. Having this conversation with his friend, he realizes it is a girl like Kashaf he wants to get married to.

Zaroon eventually convinces Kashaf and then both their families and the two finally get married. There is love, there are fights and there are adjustments and compromises from both ends.

The serial ends on a happy note where Kashaf is seen thanking god for blessing her with a good life and for Zaroon, who turns out to be a good husband and father, overcoming her fear and proving that all men are not like her father, brushing off and running away from their responsibilities.

Concludingly, I am sure there will be so many more things you observe and realise if you yourself see the show and there will be multiple instances where you find the story’s characters or scenes relatable to your own life. Also there are other characters and their stories which make the show even more worth watching.

I am thrilled to share this fact that this show is included as a part of the course studies in some universities and is used to highlight the social and gender issues faced by people all across the globe.

Well, as the title track goes :

“Zindagi gulzar hai

ye ishq ka darbar hai

yahan ghamo ko paalna bekar hai”

(Life is beautiful, it is full of love, it is useless to raise sorrows here)

Let me know in the comments section if you have already watched the show and how you found it. Also let me know any other show or movie that changed your perception towards life.