Thank You

It has been a little more than 2 months since I started writing blogs and recently the blog reached a milestone of 10,000 views. It’s a big milestone (atleast for me!), something which I hadn’t honestly thought I would accomplish because I know myself; I start things with great enthusiasm that dies within a few days and so does the thing. (Please tell me it’s not just me who is like this!)

But it was different this time. When I shared this idea of blogging with my friend, convincing him with sparkle in my eyes that I want to do it, the one and only thing he said was (and I quote), “Do it but do it religiously. Promise me you’ll write consistently even if there are 1000 views or 0 views a day. You won’t get affected by the numbers and leave the thing.” And only I know how much this conversation has kept me going.

These 10,000 views wouldn’t have even reached a 100 without my Ma-Papa and my friend’s unconditional support (and ofcourse without you all). They have been in this journey with me since day 1. They have heard the posts even before I posted them, given their 200% genuine feedback for it, made their knowns read it by sharing the blog with literally everybody they know and have always suggested me abundantly many topics about which I can write (If you have been writing, you would know how much of a struggle it is to find a topic to write about.)

I have learnt, I have grown. Learnt my share of wisdom by realizing it’s not just the writing part which takes the effort, but the selling-what-you-write part which takes an even bigger effort. To make my blog reach people, I opened my arms to Twitter, Quora and used many other graphics apps to make it catchy. And let me tell you, the knowledge I have gained is immense and I hope it increases always.

I have had my fair share of sad days too. Times where I felt like I was constantly nudging people to read my blogs, where the views weren’t much even after so much effort going in and a little-bit of hate I received from places where I never expected it to come from. There have been days of self-doubt, of the feeling that what I write isn’t good enough, that people out there have so much good, informative and well-written content to offer, that what I write isn’t even worth a read and also the days where I have felt that nobody is into reading in the times of watching videos.

But my support system has been rock solid. I have received messages of people who appreciated my work, suggested me areas to work on and the calmness that penning down what I feel has offered me made me write even after the not so cheerful days.

THANK YOU, thank you so much for reading! In the coming time too, I would try my best to stay consistent, share what I feel genuinely and try to make the best content possible. And as goes the blog’s tag-line, pouring my heart out, sharing my experiences, good vibes only! ✨

And yes, regarding the most frequently asked question to me about the blog, if it has started monetising or not, yes the blog monetises, but let’s just say it’s a drop of water from the ocean as of now!