Certainty in Uncertain Times

Somewhere in February, before the outbreak of Covid-19, we all had a daily routine, some short and long term goals in our mind. I was no different. I had my daily routine of binge watching till late night, procrastinating assignments till the deadline, waking up late in the morning and missing my first lecture in college leading to shortage of attendance.

But you always afford to miss lectures when you know you can cover them up. So finally that stage had come where I diligently needed to attend my classes so that I could get the required attendance and my admit card for the final semester exams.

Thus my short term goal was sorted; to complete my attendance, give the final semester exams and get the post graduation degree. And as far as the long term goal was concerned, I was done with my bank PO interview (if you have been reading my blogs, you can connect) the result of which was expected to come in April. Hence my long term goal too was sorted; I would be done with my post graduation in May, get the bank job and easily slide from the post graduation step to the job step.

But then came the pandemic in March. And I was really happy about it initially. Why? Kyunki attendance poori karne ki zarurat hi nahi ab! (No need to rush to college everyday and complete my attendance!) I loved the time where we were stockpiling our essentials because we didn’t know what could happen next, where there were chefs in the house making momos and dalgona coffee and there were family video calls and online game matches!

But time passed on and the sad news started pouring in. The lockdown kept extending, there was no clear information about the final semester exams, the bank PO job did not materialize, and Ma Papa tested positive for Covid-19. (reading my blogs or not?)

Seems like life doesn’t always go the way you plan it! The monotonous routine of my normal life which didn’t look tempting then looks like a blessing now! During that time, every day was new but still the same. And now the circumstances have changed completely, every day is new, completely unknown and uncertain.

I wake up with the news of someone in my neighborhood or in my family catching the virus, competitive exams getting delayed and no job opportunities to earn and keep yourself occupied with. It’s been 6 months now and once in every 2-3 weeks, I still end up asking myself about what I am doing with my life.

Why am I writing about it? Because maybe nobody is saying it out loud but most of us are going through it. Like I am sharing my story of what I thought and what actually happened, you too might have your own. I realise that it’s not just me, but many out there, who are in this transitory phase. Maybe you had plans of getting somewhere but are stuck now.

But then what’s the way out? The way out is to hold on, stay strong and keep trying. Being a pessimist in an already tough situation would make things even worse. Keep looking for alternatives, for solutions, stay positive and sane. Help yourself and help others. We fall and feel low, see things not working out, but it never means that they never will… and this is the only certain thing in this uncertain time!