Attitude of Gratitude

Sometime in 2019 I borrowed a book from my friend (just because it’s cover looked very intriguing) The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. It started on the note that this one practice will change your life and make you fulfill your dreams. It went on to say that this one thing is the magic which is required to transform your life to the best. The more you do this practice, the magic multiplies and you reach closer to your goal but the less you do it, the magic vanishes.

It was the practice of gratitude. What is gratitude? It is the quality of being thankful. And like all other people in the world, I too was like, kisi ko thank you bolne se kisi ki life mein itna bada change kaise aa sakta hai? (How can saying thank you to people lead to such a big change in somebody’s life?) So even more curiously I started reading the book. The book had 28 practices which had to be done for 28 days so that one imbibes the practice of gratitude in their lives and this gratitude would be the magic which would do wonders.

Did I complete the book and do all the practices? No. I am a lazy and inconsistent person. But I did 3-4 practices and they made me realize and convey what the book was talking about. The first practice in the book was to count your blessings. All I had to do was, take a notebook and write down 10 things I was grateful for. It could have been anything, from a person in my life to something very basic like the clean air or the sun which provide all of us the actual living conditions. Literally anything I consider myself to be blessed for had to be written. 10 things everyday, for 28 days.

I did it for sometime but I wasn’t consistent. But I could feel the magic of gratitude working and let me tell you how, by sharing one instance I have a blurry memory of. One day while counting my blessings, one of those I wrote was that I am blessed to be living with my grandparents who care for me and have always tried their best to make my life easy. So I wrote the 10 things for the day and got busy with the daily routine.

But the whole day is not the same. I don’t remember exactly what, but something happened and I got irritated from them. But it was the list of gratitude I prepared in the morning which made me remember how thankful I am for them to be around and that this irritation was something very small in front of that. And that irritation just vanished! Didn’t the magic of gratitude just work?

Thank you aren’t just words to say. It is a feeling of realizing how blessed you are that somebody is helping you and making your life easy. It is a feeling of you making that somebody realize that you are thankful you have them in your life. Doesn’t this feeling have so much positive energy in it?

I saw this youtube video of Simerjeet Singh reciting a beautiful poem Charde Suraj by Baba Bulleh Shah which talks about being grateful and every time I listen this poem, it fuels me up with positivity.

Bulleh Shah in the poem very easily conveys he has seen time changing everybody’s circumstances, that he has seen the unforeseen happen by the blessings of god. He says that those who don’t value god and are ungrateful are always seen empty handed. He ends up saying that he might not have everything in the world, however he is still in better conditions than many people, and for that he is very grateful to god.

One day at college I overheard my friends talking. One of those was saying that she has read books like The Secret and Good Vibes, Good Life and that they are very beautifully written, that everyone must read them. To this the other friend replied that just talking and thinking about things doesn’t make them happen, you need to do the effort that it takes. I agree with what he said, but I would like to add, it takes strength to make that effort and such books fill you with the strength that it takes to reach somewhere. Practice the Attitude of Gratitude and see your life changing for the best.